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[Staff Character] Unoti Hashaco

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[Staff Character] Unoti Hashaco Empty [Staff Character] Unoti Hashaco

Post by Unoti Hashaco on Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:47 am

Full Name: Unoti Hashaco
Nickname: Uno
Title: King
Occupation: King of the Hashaco

Age: 276
Species: Drow
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 157 lbs

Appearance:[Staff Character] Unoti Hashaco Unoti_15
Weapon of Choice: None (weapon in picture has been sealed away)
Powers: Energy manipulation

Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Residence: The Hashaco manner
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Is an only child yet had 3 blood brothers.
Elladan Hashaco (blood brother) (deceased)
Cirdan Hashaco (blood brother) (deceased)
Caranthir Hashaco (blood brother) (deceased)
Education: Little (wonders in search of knowledge)

Childhood: Was left for dead by his parents for having strange abilities. Was found by his teacher who raised him to adolescence.

Adolescence: Was trained in ancient arts of fighting and controlling his unique power.  He would one day come home and find his former teacher on the floor dead. From here he would start his journey for his quest of knowledge.

Adulthood: He meets up with a ditz of a woman named Ednissca and would become infatuated with her even though at first he found her quite annoying. After each of his journeys he would visit Ednissca to tell her about his stories. Soon they were married and had Unoti's first child Illias Hashaco. Now with this new family they look to rekindle the family he once had.

Alignment: Neutral
Motives: Knowledge
Fears: Not being able to gain knowledge and not being able to protect his family.

Positive Traits: Quick to think and react.
Negative Traits: Relies too much on his powers
Mannerisms: Condescending towards those less knowledgeable than him. Looks at everything in great detail and tries to never make a mistake.
Miscellaneous Quirks: He tends to question everything and always wants to gain more and more knowledge.
Quote: My story isn't one that should be told. It should simply be lived by the ones who lived it.
Unoti Hashaco
Unoti Hashaco
Hashaco King

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