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Lexi Hashaco

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Lexi Hashaco Empty Lexi Hashaco

Post by Lexi Hashaco on Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:32 pm

Name: Lexi Hashaco
Age: 23
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Appearance: Lexi Hashaco Lexi_h10
Weapon of Choice: Broadsword
Personality: Lexi can be rather hot headed at times and may not be able to take a joke but she is a very gifted fighter and negotiator. Being able to have talked her way out of many situations.

Bio: Lexi is an old friend of Unoti's and was part of a Warrior's Guild. She did many missions for them and on one of these missions she met Unoti. Through Unoti, she met an elf named Sirath, As a group, they went on many adventures together and there were the hints of something more between her and Sirath, but nothing happened.

After one of the biggest missions of their life,Unoti disappeared. She went back to the guild afterward, and rarely kept in contact with Sirath. One day, she received a letter from Sirath saying Unoti wanted them at the Hashaco Manor. She packed up her things and left immediately.

Upon arriving, she was made a Hashaco. Currently she is the "General of Asskickery" as she likes to call herself. In simpler terms, she is in charge of the "army" of the Hashaco clan.
Lexi Hashaco
Lexi Hashaco
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