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[Staff Character] Razren Sanada

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[Staff Character] Razren Sanada Empty [Staff Character] Razren Sanada

Post by Razren Sanada on Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:50 pm

Name: Razren Sanada/Rousenhall
Age: 12,000
Race: Human
Title: Advisor of the Sanada
Appearance: He appears to be a normal human male in his mid 30's to early 40's. He has ear length brown hair, and brown eyes. He can be seen wearing a traditional mage's garb and glasses. Due to his connection with Time Magic, he can make himself appear younger or older depending on how much power he wishes to use to do it. The younger he looks, the more power he needs to use.
Powers: Razren is a master of Elemental Manipulation. While he doesn't have full control over every element, he has control of Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning, and Time. Time is only to the extent of changing his appearance.

Clan Power: The Sanada Eye. Currently, he has level 7, which gives him a full combination of the Byakugan and Sharingan.

Personal History: at the age of 15, Razren met a man named Red Rewh. After becoming good friends, Rewh made a blood pact with him and formed the Sanada clan. For 50 years, the clan managed to thrive and become quite powerful. However, one day, Rewh was killed by a man named Alusana Hashaco. As Rewh's son had gone missing, it was up to Razren to take up the mantle of the clan. For 20 extra years, the clan slowly grew weaker, as Razren could never match his brother in terms of power.

However, one day he met a man who claimed to have the ability to manipulate every element. He took Razren under his wing until a quest for a certain form of manipulation drove his teacher insane. After his teacher was killed, Razren was soon hunted down due to his ability. A rival clan found his home and torched it. He attempted to tell his clansmen to flee, but they stayed to defend their leader. As Razren watched all of his clan die around him, he swore he would take revenge. He hid away in a catacombs beneath the village for a week so the rival clan would think he was dead.

When he returned to the surface, he began a personal quest to learn as much as he could about the techniques his teacher passed onto him. For 7,000 years he wandered, learning the secrets of the very essence of the elements themselves. Due to his connection with the theoretical element of time, he grew immortal in his age. As the years wore on him, his quest for revenge slowly seemed a trivial matter, as he grew to appreciate life and the world around him. Along the way he met a woman named Orihime, and with her fathered a child named Saleth. Shortly after birth, Orihime died due to an illness. Distraught at the loss of his wife, he almost left his son in an orphanage. However, his son showed signs of the same connection to the elements he did, and as such, he decided to take him on his travels.

In the present day, he met Unoti Hashaco, who sought him out due to his knowledge of all things "Magic". It was revealed to Razren that Alusana was Unoti's grandfather by right, but it did not matter to him. He soon decided Unoti was different and agreed to help him. Afterward, Razren managed to find Rewh's son, Jonathan Kaiser, still alive. With the potential of a clan leader in charge, Razren had hope for his long since dead clan.
Razren Sanada
Razren Sanada
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