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[Staff Character] Jonathan Kaiser

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[Staff Character] Jonathan Kaiser Empty [Staff Character] Jonathan Kaiser

Post by Jonathan Kaiser on Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:50 pm

Full name: Jonathan Insanity Kaiser
Title: Sin of Murder and Madness
Race: Nephilim (Part Archangel, Part Blood Demon)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black with red and blue streaks on his bangs
Weapon of Choice: Blood Luster Sword and Archangel Blade
Powers: Blood, Black Fire and Lightning
Energies:Time, Space, Light and Darkness
Kekkei Genaki: Sharingan

His childhood was spent in training until he escaped. Once escaped he had gone about Hell and Earth, looking for fights, collecting weapons and studying new abilities he had never seen before. His life ran like this until the end of his life in which he had reincarnated into a new born being in which he had to repeat his training process by himself in order to get his newer body to where his original strength was.

He continued to find fights and learn but at a more relaxed rate as he was now in hiding, trying to keep his identify a secret rather than having everyone know he reincarnated.
Jonathan Kaiser
Jonathan Kaiser
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