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Belladonna Kagemori Oracle

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Belladonna Kagemori Oracle Empty Belladonna Kagemori Oracle

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:25 pm

Name:Belladonna Kagemori Oracle
Personality:Belladonna have problems with expressing her feelings or positive emotions to ohers which leads into alot of awkward situations.She always keeps pocker face wanting to hide her true emotions which makes her look cold or even rude.When she is alone with her wife Kerin she tries her best to show and express as many positve emotions as she can even be playful.
Nothingness:Users can remove items from existence. Some users may simply make things disappear others may be able to prevent energy from ever being conceived. Some users can delete an eternity removing targets from all lineages of time in every dimension. Similar to Energy Manipulation users can alter reverse or negate energy granting them almost infinite

Erebokinesis:User can create shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness create constructs and weapons teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows etc.

Basic Kitsune Powers:

Pocket Realms – Kitsune are able to fold the fabric of space and time creating pockets of reality into homes for themselves and such. A little hole in the ground could become a castle, or a small field could become a kingdom complete with subjects and 'realistic' forces within. Mostly these are just used as homes for an individual kitsune or family. Time seems to flow faster inside of them than out and generally one day spent in the real world is equivalent to seven years spent in the realm.

Seduction/Mind Control – By swaying their tails or holding a persons gaze the kitsune is able to take over the mind of a target The target is then host to the kitsunes wishes – they see think and live in a world designed by the kitsune inside of the targets own mind. This seduction can continue on until it is broken by certain magics and wards and is a purely magical force not telepathic or what have you.

Foxfire/Kitsune-bi – By rubbing their tails together a kitsune can produce a sort of lightning or fire. In a short range most are able to breathe out fire as well. 'Fox lanterns' are created when the kitsune shapes fire into small balls to float about them lighting and guiding their way. These balls can be used as weapons or even toys and are often one of the first powers to manifest.

Possession – This will be discussed in greater detail in the Kitsune and Mortals section but for now just let it be known that kitsune as spirits are capable of possessing humans,furres and animals.

Shapeshifting – Kitsune are capable of transforming themselves into anything found in nature. Trees rocks forests,water other creatures...However, gain the innate abilities of the form they take – transforming into a dragon wouldnt give them dragon-like powers for example – and are vulnerable to whatever can harm the form they choose.When possessing someone the kitsune cannot shapeshift but is capable of using illusions to approximate shifting.


Sword Name: Ken No Kuro Shin'en (Sword of the Black Abyss)

Kashira (buttcap): Dark Steel
Same'(rayskin): wolf's skin
Ito (braid): wolf's skin
Menuki (ornaments): Ornament resembling wind and star
Mekugi (Peg): Red Stone (amplifies the transfermation abilities and gives a redish glow)
Fuchi (Collar): Dark Steel
Tsuba (Guard): Red Stone

Kissaki (point): Adamantium (a nearly indestructable metal that is 100x harder than steel)
Boshi (tempered point): Adamantium
Yokote: Adamantium
Ji: Adamantium
Mune (back): Gravitite (An extremely lightweight metal that is impervious to gravity)
Ha (edge): Quicksilver (A lightweight type of silver combined with Mythril to strengthen it: Toxic to undead)
Shinogi (blade ridge): Black Steel (metal capable of absorbing and using darkness that's twice as hard as steel)
Hamon (temperline): Dragon's Bane (a metal extremely toxic to dragons)
Hada (grain): Mithril
Horimono (engraving): Takehiko's signature with Belladona's name above it (written in Japanese)
Ha-Machi (edge notch): Dragon's Bane


Belladonna was hated and abused since the day she born. Her parents disliked her due her void element they knew he will be trouble and nothing more. She was thrown into dungeon and locked there for one hundred year. When she gained her second tail Belladonna managed to escape the dungeon she ran day and night further away from place she called home. She was full anger and hatred wondering aimlessly she begin to harm humans first just bully them she enjoyed seeing others screaming from pain begging for mercy.That wasn't enough for her she begin to kill everyone she saw in front of her she was completely devoured by hate. Belladonna travelled through country from time to time showing up randomly in battlefields slaughtering both fighting clans and walking like nothing happened.

Seeing this Goddess Inari took her second tail and cursed her that she will never be able to gain nine tails like other kitsunes. Belladonna didn't cared much about it only thing she wanted was taste of blood and wonderful screams of her victims. As she rampaged through country killing every one without mercy she stumbled across woman. Of course without doubt Belladonna charged at her with blood thirsty blade wanting to cut woman open. Suddenly she felt burning sensation her whole body was swallowed by flames she couldn't even react. Dropping her blade and falling on her knees for first time Belladonna screamed in pain suddenly flames were gone. Belladonna realised that she attacked fire Kitsune and for very first time in her life she was defeated. Her right side of her face was badly burn leaving mark forever.

Belladonnas body begin to shake for first time she felt fear woman in front of her had very strong aura that could make thousand man cry like children. She knew her life ends here but surprisingly woman offered her hand to Belladonna instead of accepting females offer Belladonna used this opportunity and ran away.She hides in a cave close by she stayed there for a few days wondering why woman showed mercy to her. Belladonna left the cave and walked to the same place she met the woman but she was gone. Hoping to see fire Kitsune and ask why she showed mercy to her. Belladonna stood there for hours not moving waiting for same female to come soon hours turned, days and days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years

Belladonna stood in the same place without moving enduring heat, wind, cold and rain only thing that kept her alive was her determination and question why? Another winter came but Belladonna stood there exhausted waiting still waiting surprisingly she saw a familiar silhouette. It was the same woman who showed her mercy Belladonna parted her lips wanting to scream why but she was too exhausted she passed out before she could ask.When she opens her eyes Belladonna found herself in a room with open windows she could hear birds singing outside and a soft breeze blew her black hair. It had been summer time already. Belladonna was passed out for the whole winter and mysterious woman was taking care of her.

Getting out of the bed she found woman in the yard her body was still weak she fell down on her knees it felt like her legs were dead. She crawled up to woman and looked up at her. Belladonna parted her lips but no sound came out the mysterious woman smiled and offered her hand again. This time Belladonna accepted her hand few weeks passed and Belladonna body regain its strength she was able to walk and speak again. Like a lost puppy she followed woman named Kerin everywhere she went Belladonna felt grateful to her saved life and wanted to do anything to repay women kindness.

During day Belladonna kept following Kerin during night she  training her body in ways of Kendo and Bushido most of times she pass out outside on the ground and in the morning she was scolded by Kerin and dragged into bed. Finally Belladonna found peace in her mind chaos was gone.Soon she realised Belladonna felt something more to Kerin she fell in love with that woman. During the summer festival Kerin and Belladonna went to watch fireworks. Gathering her all inner strength Belladonna told about her feelings to Kerin but before she could hear answer she turned around and wanted to run away feeling stupid.Belladonna was surprised when she felt her tail being tugged.

Turning back she saw Kerin shaking her head and calling Belladonna an idiot. She watched how Kerin walked to her and took her head into her soft hands. Belladonnas heart was beating fast it felt like it was about to explode she gulped seeing Kerin leaning closer soon their lips locked together. This made Belladonna very happy so happy that for the first time in her life she cried.After a few months she married Kerin and become ruler of the Oracle clan along with her beloved wife Kerin. Even if Belladonna was Queen of Oracle clan nothing changed...She still followed Kerin everywhere around like a lost puppy at night she trained in the ways of Bushido and at mornings she get scolded by Kerin for being stupid and dragged back to their room.Few years passed and Oracle Clan flourished new member have joined and become part of family.Soon Belladonna become father/mother which made her change how she acted.


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