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(Sanada Artisan) Shoshu Sanada

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(Sanada Artisan) Shoshu Sanada Empty (Sanada Artisan) Shoshu Sanada

Post by Shoshu Sanada on Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:15 am

Name: Shoshu Sanade
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Human

Height: 6'2"
Weapon of choice: Weighted gloves and leg weights
The Sanada Eye(level one): Your left eye becomes the blood red of the Sharingan. As you advance, you are able to predict your opponent's moves up to 4 seconds before they do them.

Ki Manipulation(Dormant): the ability to manipulate your Ki or the Ki of creatures around you. As this skill is still dormant, there will be no real details till is it unlocked within him

Personality: He is usually the strong and silent type to the general public, but to the people that he trusts, they see the slightly childish and careless self that he truly is. He is smart when it comes to crafting, fighting, and building, but die to his past, he was never really taught anything under the classification of book smarts, so he tries to act like he has a idea, but he ends up admitting not knowing something if proven wrong or pushed too hard into submission.

He loves a good spar or fight and will gladly take anyone on as long as it is training, with permission by the elder and leader, or in the case of battle and war. Due to his intense training, under pressure he is capable, making him able to make decisions should someone have to and the proper chain of command can not be followed for one reason or another.

Position within the clan: Artisan and Soldier
His skills as a artisan varies between Blacksmith, glassblower, glass smith, leatherworking, stone working sewing, wood carving.

Bio: Being born in Japan, he was raised as a martial artist at a young age, training in various style of japanese martial arts. But he was constantly wishing to get stronger as he traveled to China, then Thailand, even gone into european countries to study the various different forms.Little did he know how strong he was becoming, but he kept working on getting better. But he also did not expect what happened to him one day to become a reality either. He worked hard and one day he was attacked by men that charged at him for becoming a Sanade, a clan he never heard of or knew anything about. He also did not know of his parents, but was left in the hands of a series of martial artists within a temple. He then started to search for these Sanade clansmen in hopes that he would learn who he was and his real purpose, constantly training and getting stronger. Throughout his journey's he also learned other important skills like to fight with and without any weapons and being able to smith his own weapons and armour, like the pieces that he now wore. He was constantly learning and did various jobs till he found the Sanade clan who took him in and let him have the family he never thought he would have

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