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Alexandria Blix Sanada

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Alexandria Blix Sanada Empty Alexandria Blix Sanada

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:51 pm

Name:Alexandria Blix Sanada
Age: 24

Race: Human
Appearance: Alexandria appears as young woman with pale skin complexion,shoulder lenght crimson hair and crimson eyes she stands about 179cm tall (5.8").She wears red and black dress with detached sleeves.She also wears matching black gloves and black knee socks and pair of black shoes.

Previous Clan Affiliation:N/A
Reasoning for joining: Already member of Sanada clan.
Desired Position:Captain of the Guard

Bio:Alexandria born in Sanada bloodline just like Razren and others.Since she was little she watched other clan members train in various martial arts.Eventualy she begin to train with others passing years she begin to master various martials arts eventualy mixing them creating her own unique fighting style.At age sixteen she left to see world.Wandering around various places Alexandria wandered until received message from Razren that she is needed back in her clan Alexandria immediately returned back to Sanada from her traveling.


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