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Rules for Joining the Clan(Please Read)

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Rules for Joining the Clan(Please Read) Empty Rules for Joining the Clan(Please Read)

Post by Kyna Anima on Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:06 am

The following rules are designed to make things both fair for all members and to keep this clan enjoyable and happy. Please read these rules thoroughly and follow these rules to the beast of your abilities.

Character Creation Rules:

1) All characters must be a Fae creature as the clan is nothing but Fae. (examples include but not limited too: Elf, Dwarf, Faerie, Pixie, Centaur, Satyr, Dryad, Dragon, Elementals(please see elemental rules), Spirit,etc...)
2) Each Roleplayer is allowed up to two characters, finding out you possess more may result in removal of extra characters and possible expulsion should you refuse to remove character(s)
3) All characters and races must be good or neutral aligned, as we are all a community and a evil race will not be trusted.
4) All requests and applications are susceptible to denial and being refused, but should they be denied or refused, you will be given a just and fair reason
5) A character cannot be made to be against their personal standings (Example: Dryad becoming a Smith or a lumberjack or a Satyr that hates music, etc..)

Elemental Rules:

1) Should you pick a elemental, you must discuss this with the clan leader to make sure that said character is fair and is still capable of being classified as a Fae (Example: a spirit of a lost druid that became a air elemental)
2) Due to the overall power of a elemental, we may request the character to be debuffed to balance it with the other members of the clan

These rules are made under the idea of exceptions, if you want to do anything that may break these rules, please refer to the Clan Leader before you attempt to do it.

Rules Upon Joining the Clan:

All players that join and have one character accepted will be allowed to roleplay freely once they have at least one accepted character. After a good allot of time, should you prove active and a good team player, you will be allowed to the Skype chat that we have made for clan OOC and IC chat. This will make it easier to communicate with our dedicated members that will help make this roleplay more alive.

Should you verbally or IC assault another member of the clan without permission from both parties and a heads up from the leader, you will be given a warning. Should you continue your acts, you will lose all rights to your characters heritage and will be required to be deleted or altered and will be expelled from the clan. Should your character be considered 'invaluable' we will either issue it to another clan member or will be turned into a NPC.

OOC Rules:

all topics brought up within clan chat shall remain in clan chat that is proven to indirectly or directly involve the clan or the clan topics.

Please do not bring your OOC drama into the clan and keep it out. We do not desire to ruin the fun for anyone

We will not use the characters to disgrace our clan or a ally clan, nor are you allowed to use it to declare war upon another clan without direct requirement or permission from the clan leader.

You must and will treat a allied or Neutral clan leader with respect as without them, we will most likely not survive. Do not forget we need them to not only help protect us should we be attacked, but we will also need them for out trading as well as our economy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions, feel free to ask for any information you need
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