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History Of the Clan(Ongoing)

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History Of the Clan(Ongoing) Empty History Of the Clan(Ongoing)

Post by Kyna Anima on Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:16 am

These are the stories that form the Anima Clan and its history.

We will constantly be updating the story, lore, and history as the story progresses, making sure that each of the members here knows what happened in their beloved clan. Feel free to PM and submit your story as well as put it on the character profiles so that we can add it too the story and history as well. Remember the next generations should know what we did that was good as well as the bad so that they may not repeat

deep in the woods, there was a area that was different than the rest, a area full of fertile dirt, wondrous plants, and grass softer than anywhere in the area. This was thanks to the great elder tree, a large tree in the middle of the great patch of land that lived peacefully. Throughout his life he would have met many of people, guided them, as well as various creatures of the Fae who lived nearby. Years this tree stood there, growing older, larger and wiser. He was content with himself till one day he came across a young Centaur, Kyna, who was barely old enough to live on her own and lost both her parents during a attack of stray humanoids during one of the great wars.

Feeling bad for her, he took her in and raised her, teaching her the wisdom and knowledge he knew as well as guided her to adulthood, knowing very well that she would leave the old tree one day. But what he did not realize that when she turned into a adult, she did not leave, but instead made a home with this great tree, the elder that she felt was a father to her when she lost the one she was born with. He wished her to go instead of trying to stay with him, knowing she needed to find a real family, but she instead looked and gained allies and other Fae creatures and told them of this great place and gathered them in one place, granting herself and all who lived there the title and surname of Anima.

They have slowly grown and became a large family, living under the safety of the woods, but as they grew, so did the chances of them getting caught, so they started to grow in various trades, hoping to be able to coexist in the country with the other races, trading herbs, meat, pelts, and various other items they made in exchange with other clans, villages, and shopkeepers. They wished to adapt to the modern day as best as they can.
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