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Clan Roles and Jobs

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Clan Roles and Jobs Empty Clan Roles and Jobs

Post by Kyna Anima on Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:36 am

Roles Needed as well as Taken:

Leader of the Clan: Exactly what the name entails. the leader is in charge of all the decisions that may be needed as well as speaks to the heads of various allied and neutral clans. What they say goes and nothing will change that decision, but should the people feel it is unfair, they may vote on a decision as a whole that will overthrow a decision decided by the leader.

The leader of the clan is the Great Elder Tree at present time

Record Keeper: This is the person in charge of keeping books of all events as well as the leader, making sure that should a person of the clan need to know something and they cannot talk to the leader, they may be capable of asking him or her instead.

Current Record Keeper is as Followed:(One requested, not required)

Second in Command(Advisor)/Captain of the Guard: This position is one in the same at this present time, should the clan grow bigger, or events unfoil that may lead to the loss of the leader, then roles shall be split among two people. Should the later of the two happen, the one in charge of this position shall immediately become leader.

As the Second in command or the Advisor, you will take the leadership role should something happen and make the current leader unavailable or should there be a meeting that requires the leader, the second in command may take his or her place. They are also considered a adviser for the leader of the clan as well.

As the Captain of the Guard, they lead and direct the guards as well as train them if needed. Should a fight arise or a attack on the clan that makes the leader or the , they are considered the same power of the second in command during the situation until the point of which the chain in command can be restored.

The person in this position is Kyna Anima

Guards: A basic guard, usually in charge of protecting the village as well as following the higher ups in the chain should something happen and they must leave the Clan's territory. Should the Captain of the guard be in need of passing down his role, he or she usually decides their successor before they retire and should they not leave willingly by either expulsion or death, the second in command and the Adviser usually discuss with the leader to decide the next captain.

Current members of the guard are as followed:(Need of two day guards minimal)
Nox Anima(Night)
Cian Anima(Assistant to Nox:Night)

Farmers and Herbalist: As a farmer, the name states the job pretty well. The character will farm and harvest various different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. (Should we not get anyone in these roles, we will have NPC's control the various supplies as well)

Herbalists collect, grow, harvest and store herbs as well as can prepare them for selling and trading. Based on the herbalist and the way they do the job determines the amount and of what they sell and grow

Current Farmers are all followed:(Unknown requested, not required)

Current Herbalists are as followed:(One required, no limits)

Hunters: These people are in charge of hunting animals from the clan as well as for trade, stripping and storing the meat, skinning and storing pelts and leather, taking the organs and making various items including but not limited too bows, bindings, food, etc.... they also save bones and other items as well. Should they need too, the hunter will also be trained and capable of being a guard as well should needed.

Current Hunters are as Followed:(One requested, no limits)
Elanalue Anima
Kyna Anima(assisting if requested or when bored)

Healer/Apothecary: Usually in charge of healing the injured as well as preparing herbs and other items into medication and treatments for both the clan and to sell or trade.

Current Healers are as followed:(One required, up to two currently)

Current Apothecary s are as followed: (One required, no limits)

Traveling Merchants: As the name suggested, they are in charge of delivering and to sell to other cities and clans nearby. They are usually in packs of three with a fourth guard, posted specifically to protect the caravan.

Current Caravans are as followed:

Misc Jobs: These are jobs that are not required or requested, but may be proven useful in the future..

Scout/Spy: Cian Anima
Faerie Dust Production: Cian Amina

Please post here if you taken a position or are requesting a position as well as if you have any question involving a position as well.
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