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Post by Cian Anima on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:11 am

Cian Anima(Scout, Faerie Dust Producer, and Aide to Nox Anima)

Age:200 (19 in Faerie years)
Race: Flare Sprite (Faerie)
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 7.89"
Weight: 1.25lbs

Personality: Living the life of a Faerie of his size makes things hard for him, but he stays chipper, optimistic, and happy as best as he can. He loves to get friendly with most anyone, even though he is mute and cannot say a word. He uses his actions and behavior to tell his story and what he wants. The only ones who truly understand him is Kyna and Nox Anima (though some mutes get close)

Family: The only family he has is the anima clan, more specifically Kyna Anima and Nox Anima as well as the great Elder Tree

Enemies: None currently

History: As long as he could remember, Cian never really had a family and did not know any other Faeries of any kind from Pixie, to Flame Sprite. But he did his best to live and would work hard to live as happy as he could, but he was always lonely and wished he could have a family. But one day when he was flying, he ran into a Centaur, a beautiful female named Kyna and he was offered that day to live with her, as she saw the darkness and lonely look in his eyes, despite his size.

He nodded and agreed, living with her and grew happy knowing her and the great elder tree. Then one day, he found Nox, a Dragon from limbo that got hurt. He got the others to help him take her in and he worked to get her better till she was well enough to leave. But when the day came, she chose to stay instead and it made him happy and did the one thing he never thought he would do, sit on her left shoulder and kiss her cheek.

For you see, though he did not know his family, he knew the history and lore, they would sit to the right or anyone that they met, but only people that they truly cared for, even go as far as love, they would instead sit on the left side.

He clung to her, sticking around and even altering his sleep schedule to be with her as he stayed by her side...

(Will work on her more as the story progresses, sorry for the crappy detail)
Cian Anima
Cian Anima
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