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The great oak dryad.

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The great oak dryad. Empty The great oak dryad.

Post by Ursula Anima on Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:00 pm

Ursula Anima(Agriculturist and Apothecary)

Age:20 years old, but will age VERY slowly from here on out
Race: Once human, now a Dryad
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: as heavy as she wants to be

Personality: Ursula can be a little withdrawn. After everything that happened to her, she finds it hard to open up. Loud noises can hurt her ears and so she often seeks the solitude of the Elder Tree Grove as her home. Not many people have gotten the chance to test Ursula's personality. She happens to be kind and caring and will gladly help any one. But the moment someone harms the plants she loves so dearly, her mood will change into a rather mean one. This is a trait most Dryads share.

Family: Ursula doesn't remember whether or not she had any family before she became an experiment. After that, the other experiments had become like family, but even that failed on her. Finding herself in an entirely new world, she chose to join the Anima clan and help them because, well, what else could she do in a world she didn't know?

Enemies: None currently

History: under construction, don't have time right now o.o
Ursula Anima
Ursula Anima
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