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The Lost Village of the Sanada

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The Lost Village of the Sanada Empty The Lost Village of the Sanada

Post by Razren Sanada on Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:39 pm

Long ago, a village stood as the home of the Sanada Clan. The village had only about 20 buildings, and covered about a 150 mile radius. For 50 long years, it resisted the fighting in the outside world of the old clans. Rewh was the lord of the village, and lead the Sanada through prosperous times. However, when Rewh died, a majority of the clan left and Razren was forced to take up the mantle. Eventually, the village was burned down by a rival clan.

This village now stands as a ruin, a constant reminder of what the world had become in the Old Times. Buildings lie broken, and scattered about. Ash covers the landscape, and the flag of the Sanada is gone. However, underneath these ruins lies one of the forgotten secrets of the land....
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