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Kurogane Reed Oracle

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Kurogane Reed Oracle Empty Kurogane Reed Oracle

Post by KuroganeReed on Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:26 pm

Name: Kurogane Reed Oracle

Age: 900

Species: Kitsune

Element: Ocean

Gender: Male

Personality: Kurogane is kind, polite and thoughtful until given reason not to be. He was raised a prince and has princely mannerisms as such, but if he thinks someone has wronged him they will know his wrath.

Appearance:Kurogane Reed Oracle Kuro11

Position in Oracle clan: Alchemist and warrior/Mage

Bio: A royal Kitsune's 900th birthday is a write of passage to Kurogane's previous clan, he was to become the next King of Mizutoshi – an ancient city housing many members of the Ocean Kitsune clan. His father Kuton was a powerful and respected leader among the Ocean Kitsune and had fought and won many battles during his reign as king.

As Kurogane's birthday was approaching, he overheard the palace guards talking about a captured beast within the cities dungeons. His curiosity got the best of him, and he decided to visit the 'beast' to see exactly what it was himself. He was shocked to discover that the so called beast was actually a young water dragon that had been captured and brutally attacked by the palace guards.

Over the next few months, Kurogane kept visiting the young dragon. At first, he was cautious and wary of him as he had been raised to know the dangers of a dragon to a Kitsune, but this dragon was different. They formed a strong connection with each other and the young dragon taught him 'The tongue of the dragon', a way to communicate with each other using telepathy.

Kurogane had learned a lot about himself and his dragon friend, named Mizuryu, over that time and decided to confront his father and request Mizuryu to be released. When confronted, his father told him of his plans for the dragon, it was to be used as bait to lure in the leader of the Water dragon tribe, who would then be slain along with Mizuryu in order to start a war for domination over the rest of the kingdom.

Kurogane knew what he had to do after hearing this. Although he would miss his home, he couldn't allow something like this to happen because of his fathers insane plan. That night, he gathered what he could and made his way to the dungeon where he planned to release Mizuryu and flee the city with him. Once they had made it past the border of the kingdom, the two unlikely friends decided that the only way to avoid a war from breaking out was to go into hiding. Together they travelled far, into a new world known as Earth...

Reason for joining clan: To seek refuge from his fathers kingdom and to gain allies to help protect Mizuryu.
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