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Learning the Alphabet (Tower Library)

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Learning the Alphabet (Tower Library) Empty Learning the Alphabet (Tower Library)

Post by Shoshu Sanada on Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:48 pm

on the top floor of the tower was the library of old books, varying in age, bindings, topics, and languages, scattered on the old and dusty shelves that lined the walls. Shoshu slowly opened the large door that stood between him and the library, a large creaking would echo as he did not see anyone in the room, looking around as he closed the door, his footsteps echoing as he stepped on the old stone steps and made his way to a old desk. He then pulled out a few pieces of parchment as well as picked up a book he left there that was not put away. Within the book contained various guides to helping him with his job around the Sanada, a Artisan's journal that was found and brought here years ago. He would sit down on a oak chair by the table and opened the book where he left off at.

He sighed as he was unable to read half of it, but he was trying as best as he could as he sat there and started to read aloud "the... Iron would be.. heated.." He was needing to get better at this, there was so many things he needed to learn that only these books would teach him. He knew that the woman who ran the library offered to help and has given him a few lessons, but he tried to not ask her when he could, trying to learn by himself, used to listening to his old guardians when they made him train and hunt for himself, punished if he was to ask for any aid that woukd help him find the answer for himself.

However unlike those situations, he did not have any of the tools he needed other than a book and paper with quill and ink. He then sighed as he lowered his head and said "geez is this hard... but she would never forgive me if I gave up.." He took a heavy breath before continuing "Once the.. metal is red the right..tem.. pur..tur..rai" clearly screwing up the pronunciation of Temperature when he read it slowly and was trying to say it right
Shoshu Sanada
Shoshu Sanada
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Learning the Alphabet (Tower Library) Empty Re: Learning the Alphabet (Tower Library)

Post by Anika Sanada on Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:59 pm

For Anika, being a member of a clan had been a little strange at first. She had been born to rule, not to follow, but she preferred this life and would openly admit as much. She wasn't neccessarily secretive about her true identity, but she didn't really talk about it much, it was purely a need to know thing. She ws stood in the back room behind the library, it was small, but it was big enough for a bed and a set of small drawers, that was all she needed. She didn't own much, it was just her, her locket and some clothes. On top of the drawers was a chalice and a dark glass bottle. She looked at it for a good five to ten minutes, debating whether or not to have a drink which would seem odd to the most normal of people.

A pale elven like ear twitched a little as she heard Shoshu muttering away to himself in the library. She smiled ever so faintly, and decided that she would rather drink now, than end up weakening from hunger in his presence. Picking up the bottle, she opened it and poured a red liquid into the chalice, but it didn't even fill it half way. Closing her eyes, her nerves and annoyance got the better of her. Her grip tightened around the bottle so much that it shattered, some pieces of the glass cutting her pale skinned hand and she hissed slightly in pain. She cleaned up after herself as the wounds leaked slightly, trying to heal.

Picking up the chalice, she knocked back the red liquid and the wounds healed almost instantly. That was the last of her supply, she would have to try and find another source. Leaving the room, she looked at the mirrior in the small enclosure between the library and the room she slept in to make sure there were no traces of blood. Satisfied, she pushed a button and one of the bookshelves popped open. You could say that she liked her privacy when sleeping and feeding. she didn't want any one here knowing what she had to do before she was ready to tell them.

Her blood red hair swayed as she walked and the bookcase closed behind her. She wasn't particularly trying to sneak up on Shoshu, but she was always rather quiet when walking. With one fluid motion, she placed her hand on his shoulder and sat beside him as though in tune with the wind, but that wasn't her aspect, so it was just practice she guessed. "You're doing well Shoshu, but that word is pronounced as 'tem-per-a-ture', you were close." She spoke with a soft and gentle voice. She was still so hungry, that blood wasn't enough, but there was no way of getting the blood now, so she hid her hunger.
Anika Sanada
Anika Sanada
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