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The Strength of Two Allies (Kerin Oracle and Aid with Kyna Anima)

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The Strength of Two Allies (Kerin Oracle and Aid with Kyna Anima) Empty The Strength of Two Allies (Kerin Oracle and Aid with Kyna Anima)

Post by Kyna Anima on Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:50 am

The cool winds of the Autumn as it was slowly turning winter filled the air deep within the Anima woods. Close to the lake stood a small village with various different creatures, also known as Fae that care for it and lived within it. They were formed by three Fae, a Centaur, a Flame sprite, and a old tree, a tree that has been around since the dawn of the woods, to some it is known as the original tree that started the spread of the forest they lived in today. Of course no one but the tree knows the real story about that. As they grew, it became harder to hide and gather resources, so as such, the elder tree and Kyna Anima both decided it was time to gather allies, ask for their aid in exchange for helping them gather things they needed as well that the Fae excelled at. Ranging from Faeries dust to Alchemic material and herbs.

The Anima sent a small faerie, a sprite to send a letter to ask the leader if the Oracles, known as Kerin to come and request to seek the alliance that they so much needed. They have already seeked and received aid from the Sanada to the west and Shilūta towards the south. They still awaited for a confrence with the leader of the Hashaco and heard rumors of a smaller clan, the Anikainoo, but had no way to get ahold of them at this time, but that did not matter, what mattered was today they were to hopefully get Lady Kerin to their grove and discuss much needed agreements.

Kyna chose the grove as both a sign of peace and good faith, knowing the Oracles could easily eradicate them and force a scatter if wanted, but also since the leader, the great elder tree could not move so had no way to go to the Oracles. A few of the Faerie decorated the grove using Faerie dust to make a sparkle effect, as well as a couple Dryad as well as Ursula Anima herself helped get some fresh wildflowers grown, hoping to make this meeting pleasant. Kyna stood a good height for a Centaur, her brown furred horse half was well groomed and brushed out, her hair was washed and combed and she put on a fresh pair of leaves onto her breasts so as to be respectful knowing nudity may not be accepted easily by the kitsune.

She had set a table up, made slightly taller to accommodate a Centaur and chairs made to match, woven out of vines and the chairs crafted out of cedar and vine. There was also a teapot and a variety of treats made for her and her aid, requesting that she may bring a second Oracle as a third party as well as to make her feel comfortable, knowing she would be stupid if she was not worried that the Anima may not attack back and take advantage of this.

a young Sprite would wait for Kerin by the entrance and when she would appear would guide her to the meeting place, Kyna standing and waiting in a polite manner and when seeing her would bow low and respectful and said "It is a pleasure you join us Lady Kerin.. We hope that your travels were pleasant" The elder tree shown no reaction of Kerin yet, not able to be recognized from the others besides its age and the branches half dead and withered, clearly showing its age as Kyna would wave her hands out to offer her and her aid a chance to sit down and say "we can make you any tea that you desire Lady Kerin"
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