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Loss of Light

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Loss of Light Empty Loss of Light

Post by KaitoOracle on Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:20 pm

Waking up is sometimes easy, clean.  One moment you are in a dreamscape the next you are crisply returned to the conscious realm stretching and ready for the day. Other times its not easy or clean in the slightest. Ya that was Kaito this particular moment. Waking hunched over his writing desk, cheek pressed hard against the book he had been reading the night before. He was dazed and confused at first, slowly something resembling cognitive thought began to spill forward. He had been up late waiting for Selstei to arrive, she was planning on staying over. These thoughts came to him as he tiredly tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes.
He looked to his bed half expecting to see her curled there... It was not slept in. "She must have been held up at work... went home after." He thought aloud, voice groggy. Getting to his feet he stretched, back popping as he did. It would be at least an hour before the soreness left. With a yawn he shambled off to his bathroom to relieve himself as wash up.

After a few minutes he returned and went to the wardrobe and dressed himself in a fresh black kimono. He planned to go to Selstei's house and take her out for breakfast. It wasn't too uncommon for her to cancel plans like that. If she had a terrible day at the Medical Center it wouldn't be far fetched for her to want time alone. Dressed and set he headed from the room and down the hall. His eager happiness blinding him as he unknowing hurried past a small orange dimmly glowing orb hung upon a broke chain partially hidden next to a pillar.

The day was beautiful, sun rising in the East and few clouds in the sky. Might be the perfect kind of day for a walk near the woods. His tail wagged as he thought about the way the sunlight made her hair shine. Yes today would be a great day spent with his love, his Brightness he decided. Little did he know just how hopelessly wrong he was on that point. No today would be for pain, anger, betrayal, and despair. But Kaito was such a naive young fox and for now was living in the bliss of ignorance.

He made his way through the city enjoying the beginning of a quiet rustling as people began to become active. The city waking was a slow starting thing in this area. Though once the bustle truly began it would be so lively. Early rising shop keepers were busy with their prep work as the rays of the sun was just cresting the buildings. He could already smell the bakeries doing their part to wake all nearby sleepy foxes. His mouth watered at the aroma which made him all the more eager to see Selstei. Taking for granted her presence he was excited for the breakfast that awaited.

Soon he rounded the corner onto the street Selstei lived on. A slight breeze sweeped over him and down the quiet street. Kaito hoped he was early enough that she wouldn't be awake yet. It was always fun to try and sneak in and cuddle around her without waking her. Granted the vast majority of the time he failed as she would just giggle at his attempt, but a fox never gives up. Walking up the steeps to her door he noticed a deep silence, his ears twitched. Well she wasn't up and about, that was certain. Digging into his pouch he drew out his spare key and eased it into the door. Ever so slowly he turned the doorknob and swung the door silently open.  Gingerly he stepped in and eased the door shut, then turned and crept through the front room towards the hall. Creek! Kaito froze at the sound of a floorboard beneath him... Maybe it wouldn't rouse her. He listened a moment and heard nothing. He quietly snickered to himself. Then he went to move further.

Wait! His mind blurted halting his progression again. Something was off... He had heard nothing. But more than the nothing of someone undisturbed, no it was the nothingness, the silence of vacancy. Aborting his plan of stealth he moved briskly to the bedroom. Empty. Moving into the room he looked about slightly confused. "Selstei?" He called out to the empty house. The bed was made, which in itself wasn't odd, but more so it seemed unsleeped in. The scent of her wasn't fresh. No it wasn't just a case of him missing her by a few moments... She hadn't been in her last night. A wrenching feeling hit his gut and he ran to her bathroom. The room untouched, the tub dry. He sped off to the kitchen, again nothing. Systematically he went through ever room. Food and sake undisturbed, to be honest nothing seemed out of sorts. That in itself is what made it all so strange. She had not stayed here last night, her scent on everything told him that much. Yet she hadn't come to him in the manor either. Then a light bulb turned on in his mind and he chuckled to himself for being so stupid and worrying. The obvious answer, she must have stayed at the Medical Center last night. Feeling dumb he left the house locking the door behind him and heading up the street.

The streets where beginning to fill now as he had spent the better part of an hour in Selstei's house. The low murmur of talking hung in the air around him. His stomach grumbled impatiently though he ignored it. Soon, after he found her, they would be able to grab a bite. As he hurried along the thought occurred to him. If she did stay at the Center last night then it had been a tiring day indeed for her. He knew the perfect thing and wondered down a street to the right. A slight detour towards the Medical Center but ran past the Shrine. Just a bit up the street from there was his current destination. A wonderful little flower shop that sold these beautiful golden lilies Kaito loved surprising Selstei with. He would pick up a couple, it had been awhile since he had and the way her eyes would light up. It always warmed him and shot butterflies through his stomach. Even after these few years together she could still do that to him and he prayed that Inari would make it last forever.

Smiling he opened the door to the flower shop, ears twitching as the jingle of a small bell rang to alert the shop keeper of the new come customer. Within four heartbeats a motherly lady with auburn hair  came from the back. Her three tails swayed happily noticing Kaito. "Well my my, Little Kaito it has been awhile. I was beginning to think you had started going to a different florist."  She chuckled and wiped her fingers on a apron. He blushed and sheepishly looked to the side. "No ma'am, nothing like that... I've just been... lacking I suppose." This brought hearty laughter from the lady her ears going down in amusement. "Still shy as ever I see. Oh don't you worry. If you were to give her flowers too often they would lose their appeal. But my you are adorable in your affections to that girl. Never lose that and she'll be Mrs. Kaito someday." She winked with the last bit which shot Kaito's blushing into overdrive. She laughed and set about pulling three golden lilies, then pairing it with some lilac blossoms and a single tiger lily. Golden, purple, and orange. The colors of his Brightness... his stomach fluttered. Yes he would never get tired of that.

"Here you are, now you be good and treat that girl right." She smiled as she held out the small bouquet, Kaito promptly paid and took them offering up a grateful thank you and heading from the store. He then headed down the street and seeing the peak of the Temple roof decided it best to check there, it would only take a minute and it would be embarrassing to get to the Medical Center and get told she went to pray. The smell of the flowers filled his nose and his tail wagged happily as he went up the Temple path. Upon reaching the shrine proper it wasn't too surprising not to find her. He had known it was only a fifty fifty chance. Still he took a moment to offer his respects and send a prayer. Then happily  he strolled off back the way he came.

By this time the streets where truly bustling, the city fully awake and going about its routine. Though that isn't to say breakfast was a lost cause. In fact he past one of their favorite cafes which was busy serving breakfast to many hungry patrons, unfortunately Selstei wasn't among them.  It would still be a couple of hours before it was officially into the brunch time so there was yet time. As he walked he watched as people went about to work and shopping. The happy peace of the moment was indeed something to enjoy. For at this moment only two in the whole of Limbo knew the cruel fact that would soon cause the mourning of so many. But for now all went about it the moment, as did the young orange haired fox merely a few blocks from the Medical Center.

Walking through the main doors his face was all joy, his tail swaying in a slow rhythm. It wasn't long before one of the Clinc aides noticed him and the flowers he held. "Kaito, hello. Here to see someone?" They asked warmly as they glanced at a chart. "Selstei of course. Do you know where I could find her?" Silence met his ears and he turned from his scanning to look at the aide who's ears where cocked to the side, a slight puzzled look on their face. In that moment Kaito realized something was off. "What is it?" He asked slowly his stomach churned. No, he wasn't going to worry. Nothing was wrong. "Umm, she left last night and isn't supposed to come back in until this afternoon. I thought she was going to be with you." The words washed over Kaito, panic started to begin to swirl inside him. No, keep calm just play it off. He told himself. Keeping his smile he forced a chuckle. "Yes, I must have just missed her on the way out here. Just making sure an emergency didn't summon her in ya know." Where was she? Not at home, the shrine, or here. Something was very wrong. Kaito turned and left. He thought maybe he heard the aide speak again but his mind was too clouded to acknowledge. He had to find her, his gut was twisting. No, nothing happened and shes going to be laughing at you for worrying about nothing. He kept telling himself. Still he began running towards the manor. She'd be there. She had to be.

No matter how he tried he couldn't stop the slight panic welling up in him. He hit the main hall of the manor and began looking in the usual possibilities. The study, the dining room, every room empty. Running to the kitchens, nothing. Not even a sign of Kim or Corame, they where busy elsewhere. Up through more rooms and still nothing. Not even the Queens where seen. The Queens, his mothers. They would know, surly. He ran past Taiki and Usagi's rooms. Silence. No sounds further down where the Queens rooms would be. Dear Inari what was going on. He ran through the halls. Panic gripping him tightly as he burst into his bedroom door. Empty just as he left it... His mind raced and he turned back to the way he had come. He tried to focus, to clam himself and sense her presence... anyone's presence. Closing his eyes he felt out, there was something... faint. But it was his own energy. Down the hall. Realization hit him as did a sigh of relief. The starball he gave her on the necklace. A piece of himself for her to carry.  

He opened his eyes and looked up to where Selstei would be. But she wasn't there. He stood in confusion, the pulse of the necklace was their... but not her. Dazed he moved towards the spot. The soft orange light finally caught his eye, the flowers falling forgotten from his hands. His mind went completely blank, not willing to process what was happening. He was on his knees next to the necklace. He didn't remember kneeling. Trembling hands reached and lifted the small thing. Chain broken with dried blood, that scent. He knew it but... blank. His nose catching it. Faintly, more blood, but masked by cleaners. Someone had di... blank. Kaito was deeply in shock now. His mind denying the truth before him. "Selstei's... necklace... must bring it... to her." His voice was nothing more than a raspy whisper. No... NO! His mind rebelled. No it wasn't possible. He was walking, he couldn't remember standing. Tears held in his eyes, threatening to release, but the denial dammed them. He was shambling in a daze, unaware of where he was heading.

It was only half mindedly that he realized he was entering the gardens. His hands clutching the necklace to his chest. Mind trying to deny it, her blood... blank. He slowly shambled up to his sensei. His queen. His mother. She would know, she would fix it. He barely noticed Kim sitting with her. His eyes, clouded by the unrealized terror his mind so desperately tried to hold back, rose to meet Kerin's. And he saw it there. A swirling hidden despair a kin to his own. NO, INARI NO! His mind screamed. But seeing the Queen like this, the tickling realization that even Belladonna was missing... The shield inside him began to crumble. Shakily his hands moved and opened to show the necklace to her, the strongest woman he knew. "" His words where choked off. He desperately searched her eyes for an answer, something.

Then Corame came in, pushing his trolley, tears streaming down his face. The way he touched Kerin's shoulder as he sat beside her. The look he gave Kaito as his ears went back. Kaito's mind shattered, the denial breaking and full realization crashed into him like a thunderous tsunami. His knees buckled out from under him and he fell before the pair. Hands barely holding him up as he began to sob violently. "S... shes dead?" He chocked out though he didn't look for the response. Tears fell to the ground beneath him as his whole body trembled. Then the darkness struck. The realization she died so near him, that as he had slept her life faded, her last moments in this world where spent alone. The one whom promised to always protect her only yards away sleeping. SLEEPING! His mind attacking himself with such thoughts. "It... its my fault... I... Inari I should have..." He spoke between the sobs, more so to himself as the consuming grief stole away reason and sanity from him. He lost her... The light that brightened his life.  The woman he loved so deeply. Stolen from him in an instant. He collapsed then, the pain of it consuming him.

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