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The Forum Rules

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The Forum Rules Empty The Forum Rules

Post by Unoti Hashaco on Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:41 pm

1. No Sexual References or Adult Content: If you are caught making sexual references or advancements in any part of the forum or Private Messaging system you will be banned without notice.
2. No discussion of illegal actions or practices.
3. Keep swearing to a minimal level: Swearing is fine but using terms or references that are over the top or offensive you will be asked to stop.
4. Do Not Spam: Spamming includes 1-2 word comments, posting the same comment multiple times in the same or different forums, having a comment that consists of nothing but Emoticons, having a comment that consists of nothing but caps.
5. Do not insult the site, the staff, or members in your posts.
6. Do not backseat mod: Backseat modding is seeing someone breaking the rules and taking matters into your own hands. If you see someone doing this contact a forum mod, head mod, or admin and they'll take care of it accordingly.
7. No Advertising other sites in your posts. You may have 1 site you wish to show in your signature but no more than that.
8. No Necro-Posting: If the topic you wish to comment on has gone 3 months without a new post do not post on that without giving a legitimate reason to a forum mod, head mod, or admin why you are posting.
9. No Rule Bending: Just because there are certain rules that you can bend doesn't mean you're allowed to do it. If you are caught bending any of the rules of the chat, forum, or roleplay you will be IP Banned and a ban will be placed upon your account.
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