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A Test of Knowledge (Closed Spar)

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A Test of Knowledge (Closed Spar) Empty A Test of Knowledge (Closed Spar)

Post by Keitaro Kishimoto Solica on Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:44 am

The winds blew wildly upon the ruins that was in the desert, the pillars and old buildings casting various shadows on the ground. This was opportune for what was about to happen as a Nogitsune walked into the ruins, wearing a midnight blue kimono with black diamond shape stars designed into the cloth, the left sleeve removed from the kimono top. The exposed arm was wrapped in a bandaging cloth and was emiting a aura of darkness, like it was trying to hide something dark and evil. The left hand held the handles of two Katana, one that was blue designed and one was black. His ice blue eyes scanned the area as he wondered where the man he called out here was. His long white hair was almost blinding , his four white tails and ears matched beside the black tips.

The hot wind from the cloudless sky blowed his hair and tails as he stood there and looked around, standing before the centre of the remnants, or rather what is assumed to be the centre of the town as the stone area in the ground littered in blown sand, a crumbled fountain in the middle, all dried up. He sat down on a old stone from a building and awaited, his energy collecting as his left eye turned a bright red, the aura from his arm getting more intense
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