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Evening in the Garden (Open to anyone)

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Evening in the Garden (Open to anyone)

Post by Ednissca Hashaco on Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:53 pm

As the sun set off in the western sky, a group of red cardinals play in the soft grass. Watching from a distance, Ednissca sat. Under here was blanket, and next to her was a wicker basket. Looking to her left, she admired the standing sunflowers. They was getting so tall, nearly 5' tall. She watched as the gentle breeze blew them, and as the petals gave a soft wave. Moving a hand, she opened her wicker basket, and pulled out a glass and a bottle. Filling the glass with wine, she placed the bottle back, and took a sip. "I need to enjoy this while I can..." she spoke softly. Setting her glass to the side, and laid back, staring at the sky. Now feeling the breeze on her, she closed her eyes and sighed.
Hearing footsteps, she did not flinch. 'Who could it be?' she wondered, though she didnt open her eyes to see. Feeling the warmth and security from the Earth, she remained calm ,and smiled.
"Hello there..." she greeted softly.
Ednissca Hashaco
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Re: Evening in the Garden (Open to anyone)

Post by Eterna Hashaco on Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:41 pm

Feeling the need to be outside away from all of the responsibility and the pressure of healing three patients at once, Eterna took a moment of respite. She needed more herbs and with Illias awake now, and two of her patients responding well to treatment, she had a little bit more time.

Her tail swayed with the stress as she walked, she hadn't even bothered to wear her normal cloak this time which was a little odd for the herbalist. Her ears twitched as she heard movement ahead, but this time, she wasn't worried. She was certain that there were no more enemies out there, at least, not enemies of the clan directly.

She gave a soft smile as she heard Ednisca's voice and chuckled faintly. "Nothing gets past you m'lady, does it? I hope I didn't disturb you?" She spoke with her usual polite mannerisms, even with barely any memory, she knew that politeness got you further in life.
Eterna Hashaco
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