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Alytana 'Kel' Hashaco

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Alytana 'Kel' Hashaco Empty Alytana 'Kel' Hashaco

Post by Kel Hashaco on Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:22 pm

Alytana 'Kel' Hashaco 12540210

Full Name: Alytana Hashaco
Nicknames: Kelaste, Kel, Aly
Title: Songkeeper
Occupation: Reconnaissance specialist

Age: 68
Species: Drow
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132 lbs
Skin: Black
Hair: White
Eyes: Purple

Clothing of Choice: Leather amor; dancer's attire
Accessory: Single earring in right ear
Weapon of Choice: Flute, sword
Powers: Sound Manipulation, Elemental Energy Manipulation

Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Residence: Hashaco clan
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Drastali Hashaco (deceased)
Education: Homeschooled

Bio: Her mother had high hopes when she gave birth to twins: the girl to rule and her brother to stand at her side. However, with crazed ideals and delusions of grandeur, her mother was less than stable. Her father took her to be away from the chaos. He renamed her Kelaste and raised her without any mention of the Hashaco or her heritage. He told her that the reason why they were on their own is that her mother died. He trained her in how to use her sound manipulation and taught her all he could about the world. They lived a rather peaceful, quiet life. Then, twenty five years ago, when the old clan reemerged, her village was one of those raided. Her father was killed and Kel barely managed to escape alive. She took to using her powers to earn a living, traveling from town to town performing and doing odd jobs. When she heard of a group opposing the old clan, she jumped at the opportunity and tracked them down, offering her services.

Alignment: Neutral good
Motives: Surviving
Fears: What she could become
Positive Traits: Observant. Loyal and kindhearted. Tenacious.
Negative Traits: Stubborn and resentful. Prone to acting on instinct and before thinking.
Mannerisms: Would rather sit back listening to a room than add to the conversation. Always tries to give 110%.
Miscellaneous Quirks: Mimics bird whistles when bored. Is a very light sleeper.
Quote: "Everyone is more than what they think the world wants them to be."
Kel Hashaco
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