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A love brought to light (intro to the discovery arc)

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A love brought to light (intro to the discovery arc) Empty A love brought to light (intro to the discovery arc)

Post by Kerin Oracle on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:47 am

It had been a while since the loss of Emiko, Akane and Selstei, and the betrayal of Belladonna. Kerin was looking out from the highest balcony of the manor, watching the sun rise over the distant lands which had been sorely neglected throughout the millennia. The promises she had made in the past were playing in her mind, all those promises and she couldn’t keep them, she felt as though she had let everyone down. She felt lost in paradise. This realm, Limbo, was such a wonderous place to behold but it was filled with so much pain and blood that part of her wanted to abandon the place. But ten thousand years of history lay here, her clan’s history. There were other beings here that not many remembered, but Kerin did, she remembered all too vividly that the Oracle clan were not the only ones here.

It was pretty impossible for a nine tailed kitsune not to know what was in their own realm. Crossing her arms across her chest, her golden kimono swayed in the movement, it was rather thin, allowing the cold, early morning air to touch her skin quite well. She found herself shiver a little, her silver hair flowing in the very same wind which made her shiver. Her ears twitched as she heard footsteps approaching her, but she didn’t flinch. Even if it were some kind of assassin, at this point she had given up fighting for herself, the clan members were the only reason she remained. Her children, both blood and adopted, the members who looked up to her, for guidance, for friendship. She couldn’t give up on them and she wouldn’t.

Corame had been worried about Kerin ever since the betrayal of Bella, she hadn’t been herself. the usually cheerful and energetic fire queen had seemingly lost her fire. His cobalt blue eyes watched her from inside the room that joined to the balcony, his sandy coloured hair moving ever so slightly in the cold wind from the open doors. How could he have let this happen to the one he had loved for centuries, no, thousands of years? He cursed himself for being too afraid to let his feelings known, he hadn’t wanted to lose her, they were so close that he feared if they fell apart, it would crush them both. But in truth, he was crushing himself by not letting her know, though, he had a sneaky suspicion that she already knew how he felt, they were rather in sync like that.

Deciding enough was enough, he stepped toward Kerin and instantly saw her ears twitching, she knew he was there the whole time didn’t she? Being unable to stop a faint smile from creeping onto his features, he shook his head a little and continued to approach the silver haired maiden. Kerin was surprised when she felt his arms go around her waist, but she didn’t try to move. She found that she couldn’t move, her body wouldn’t let her. All she could do was rest her head against his shoulder and close her eyes. The silence between them wasn’t one of those awkward moments, they spent hours together in silence quite often. It was one thing that had to be when one couldn’t speak. Corame rested his head on Kerin’s, the warmth of their embrace warding off the cold of the wind battering against them.

They both found themselves feeling as though they belonged in this moment, but each kitsune was just as terrified as the other. Terrified that this too would come to a tragic end, that they would lose this sanctuary that they had together. Even before all of this, they always embraced, but nothing with this much emotion building up. Corame was prepared to pick up the sharp shards of Kerin’s heart and weld them back together, even if he got cut in the process. Kerin’s tails wrapped around Corame, as though she were clinging on for dear life. She had trusted Corame for over three thousand years, that wouldn’t change now. But to trust someone with the last piece of your heart was something not many could do, no matter how long they had trusted the person.

Both stood in silent contemplation, thoughts different, but the same all at once. Even with Bella, Kerin had not put every bit of her trust into the relationship, but she felt that she could with Corame, he was so loyal that he’d endured so much heartache just to see her happy. If that wasn’t love, then she didn’t know what was. Corame’s mind was swaying toward those whom had hurt Kerin in the past. the first, it wasn’t truly his fault, death isn’t exactly a choice in battle afterall. The man had been good to Kerin, he couldn’t deny that. but there were many in the past that she had fallen in love with, only to find that they were using her for her power and influence. It made him angry to think about it and so he snapped out of his own thoughts and looked up toward the sun rise.

He nudged Kerin who then opened her eyes and looked to him. Following his gaze, she smiled brightly at the sight he had wanted her to see. There, dancing across the edge of the rising sun, was a fiery, glowing bird. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that it was a phoenix. A creature so delicate that heartbreak alone could reduce them back to their ashes, only for them to rise again and burn once more. This very sight rose Kerin’s shattered heart and brought the fire back in her aura and her eyes. She knew that it was a sign, that she had to rise from the ashes once more, just that the phoenix in the distance. They stayed there, watching the sunrise until the first rays hit the city below the manor, caressing the ground. The flowers that only bloomed in direct sunlight burst open bringing new colour to the grounds once again.

By that time, it was time to wake the kids up. They had to find a way to restore morale and hope to the clan, perhaps the story of seeing the phoenix would help. Perhaps exploring the vast lands of Limbo would also help. a change of scenery and the thrill of adventure may be just what everyone would need and the clan would benefit in more ways than just morale. The temples were out there, the dragons, the sun elves, the faeries. Not to mention the ancient royal vault needed to be explored. There was so much in there that even Kerin couldn’t remember it all. There were some items which she had more recently placed in there herself, but to see the others discover the items and see the wonder on their faces would be more than worth it.
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