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The Chatbox Rules

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The Chatbox Rules Empty The Chatbox Rules

Post by Unoti Hashaco on Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:45 pm

1. No Sexual Behavior or Adult Content
2. Keep Swearing to a minimal: If you use a term or word that is highly inappropriate, offensive, or do it excessively you will get in trouble.
3. No Advertising: This is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated and if you do so you will be banned from chat without notice. If you wish to show an appropriate site please ask a chat mod, head mod, or admin before doing so. If the link is to a screamer or an inappropriate site you will be banned.
4. Avoid Arguments: Debates are fine but if it gets personal or you start turning it into an argument you will be asked to stop.
5. Show respect to the site, staff, and members.
6. No loitering: It's fine if you wanna use the chat but if you start only using the chat you will be asked to start using the forum again or you will be asked to leave the chatbox.
7. No Spamming: This includes using caps lock, posting images that make the chat scroll, or the same comment excessively.
8. Warn Before Clearing: All Mods and Admins must give a 10 second warning using the /me command that they were clearing the chat and must wait 10 seconds after the command before clearing the chat.

If you are caught braking these or failure to comply with these rules you will be handled as such:
First Offense: Verbal Warning
Second Offense: Kick from chat
Third Offense: Ban from chat for a day
Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban from chat till further notice.
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