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Moonlit Altar

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Moonlit Altar

Post by Razren Sanada on Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:10 pm

The altar located outside the Sanada Village is where most rituals pertaining to the clan take place. This is where Rewh and Razren made their blood pact and first formed the clan. It is a circle of stone monoliths such as Stonehenge of the real world. Inside the center, is a small pedestal upon which rests a stone encrusted with the symbol of the Sanada, A blue lotus flower. It is said when the moon is full, the altar glows, waiting for the next great Sanada to rise. Located off to the right is a mysterious stone that automatically carves the names of all the individual leaders of the clan and how long their rule was. The list right now is as follows:

Rewh Sanada (Founder): Reign lasted 65 years.
Razren Sanada (Co-founder): Reign lasted 5 years.
Jonathan Kaiser(Rewh's son): Current leader
Razren Sanada
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