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Zera. Seeker of Justice

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Zera. Seeker of Justice Empty Zera. Seeker of Justice

Post by Zera on Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:37 pm

Name: Zera
Age: 21
Race: Human.
Gender: Male

Apperance:Zera. Seeker of Justice 1232470775_9165_full

Weapons of choice: "Reaper's Claw". Zera wears a set of black gauntlets given to him by his master. The gauntlets cover each arm entirely from hand to elbow. While the gauntlets themselves seem thin and fragile, they have been built to be capable of standing up to even the sharpest of metal blades. Also each finger tip is sharped into a hooked claw, allowing Zera to fight close range with his fist and ten deadly blades at the same time.

"Fate's strings". Zera's gauntlets also have one more deadly and unique feature, and is the proof of his ability to gain his strength through determination and training. Embedded in his gauntlets is a series of very thin and long 'strings' that Zera is capable of unlocking with a specific hand motion built into the gauntlets. Zera weaves these strings through the hooks on his gauntlets finger tips, allowing him to lash out with them in almost any direction and even wrap around certain objects. The strings are retracted back into the gauntlets using the same hand motion.

The strings themselves are so thin that they are almost invisible to an untrained eye, but are reinforced and tightened to such a degree that they can cause deep gashes and cuts with a simple touch, and are even able to cleanly slice objects in half with almost no resistance.

Personality: Calm and patient. Has a tendency of trying to make people who are either too serious or upset smile, even if he hurts himself in the process of doing so. However when a situation calls, he drops his cheerful personality and becomes very cold and serious so much so he gives no regards of mercy to his enemies. He also seeks to see injustice and evil brought down and destroyed, and will do whatever it takes to avenge those who have lost loved ones.

He is very respectful and loyal, especially to those who he cares for, but does not give his respect openly unless the person has proven themselves to him. He also holds strong to the belief of power being earned and not given or taken. As such he trains himself fiercely to prove that belief and show that you don't need magic or power to be strong. Due to this he seems to enjoy sparring and testing himself.

Bio: His father having died when he was a baby, Zera grew up in a small village miles away from the two clans without any interaction of their events. With only his mother to raise him Zera quickly adapted to a life of hard work and pushed himself to be strong enough to support both of them. He wanted to make sure his mother could live peacefully without fear of losing him like she did his father.

During his youth Zera met two very important people in his life. The first was a young girl named Yuna, who had lost her own family some years ago in a raid. After helping rescuing her from some bullies, the two quickly bonded and became close friends. Zera even managed to convince his mother to let Yuna live with them. Years later the two fell in love and promised each other their hand in marriage once they were of proper age.

The other was Zera's teacher, named Takahata Yuzaro. He was an old man who, while not speaking much of his past, stated he had seen much in his life he would rather forget, and had retired from that life some time before Zera's birth. Now living in a shrine just outside the village, Takahata taught Zera of the world, and raised him as a student of the shrine.

Zera lived this life for years and believed nothing would ever change.

That belief was shattered at the age of fifteen. After coming back from a hunting trip with his teacher, Zera discovered the entire village ablaze in a massive fire. Every villager was dead on the village streets, their bodies drained of blood and shriveled up like raisins. In shock and fear, Zera ran towards his home hoping to find his mother and Yuna. To see if they were okay and safe from whatever had happened.

What he found however was their bodies, in the same conditions as the villagers. And a cloaked figure standing above them.

In rage and anguish Zera attacked only to be beaten down by the figures strange magic. The figure mocked him for being so weak, stating that one such as Zera would never be able to touch him, that his village fell because they were weak and powerless, just as he was.

It was only by Takahata's intervention that Zera lived, as the two managed to escape the burning village and the mysterious figure.

However the damage, both physical and mental, had been done. Scared, broken, and pained by what happened Zera struggled to make sense of any reason to live. His loved ones were dead, his home gone, and he wasn't able to do anything about it because he was weak.

Takahata seeing the damage, told Zera of his own past and crimes. He told Zera that as painful as it was, there was nothing they could do about it. The actions that had occurred, the pain that was caused, it would never go away and they could never erase it from their minds.

But dying was not an answer, not if Zera wanted the memories of his home, his mother, and of Yuna to be tarnished by the madman who did this. He told Zera that if he wanted them to be honored, their lives avenged, that he would have to be strong. Strong enough to never let this happen again. To never let anyone he loved be taken from him. And so that one day Zera could find the bastard who did this, and make him pay for his actions.

Zera took the words to heart, and agreed to be trained by Takahata, but no longer as a student of the shrine anymore. But as a protector of the innocent, and a guardian of justice.

Six years later, after having completed most of his training and given the former weapons of his master, Zera spoke with Takahata one last time. Takahata explained that if Zera wanted to start a new life for himself and bring justice to the world, he would need to understand just what 'justice' meant beyond his own views.

He then told Zera of the two clans, Hashaco and Sanada, who lived far to the east. Zera was given a letter by his master, and told to find these two clans, saying that they would help him in his journey for answers, and help him on the way to carving his own future.

With final farewells, Zera left his master and made his way east in search of the two clans. Hoping that one of them would help him find his path towards peace...and if necessary.

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