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Illias Hascho

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Illias Hascho

Post by Illias on Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:44 pm

General Information
Name: Illias Hascho
Alias: n/a
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Race: Unseely(not born that way)
Occupation: Prince of the Hascho Clan
Skills: Persuading: he has a natural gift that makes him able to persuade people one way or another. Charm: He has a charm about him that helps with the persuasion, but he uses it more or less to brainwash others into a trance. That allows him to twist them into doing his bidding. (Charm is a skill he still is learning to use. And backfires) Lastly, he is immune to any and all truth speak spells, potions and the like. Still needs to learn to weld a sword. (not the fault of his kin, they have tried to get him to learn)

Physical & Physiological Information
Body type: very slender, and slightly toned, yet as a slightly feminine shape.
Clothing: normally bark colored pants and shoes, white, or dull colored shirt, gray jacket(ocasionally)
Attitude: He is very laid back, yet at times there is something clouded and dark air about him. Characteristics: He spaces out, lazy,kind.
Biography: As the Prince of the Hascho Clan, he lives in his family estate. Having to learn about history, and other normal schooling for his kin. When he was five, his father had went off on a mission. Some time after, Chaos had struck the young prince, turning him into an Unseely.
Since then, he has been immune to truth speak, and has been gifted with charm to insnare people to do his bidding. Though he still needs to learn how to use it.
Fighting Information
Fighting Style: using charm, to get others to do it.
Weapons: Charm
Pacifistic or War Monger: Pacifist

Health and Vitality
Health: healthy, till he spaces out.
Energy: 6
Memory: 10
Senses: 8
Stability: 4
Handicaps: When he spaces out.
Addictions: drawing, tending the farden
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