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Sirath Hashaco

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Sirath Hashaco

Post by Sirath Hashaco on Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:56 pm

Name: Sirath Hashaco
Age: 2321
Race: Wood Elf
Sex: Male
Weapon of Choice: Duel swords and Bow
Personality: Sirath is a very observant and understanding. He is a man of words rather than action but when action calls he's right there ready to go.

Bio: Sirath was orphaned at a young age and taken in by a Drow family. As such, he has always grown attached to the drow rather than his own people. Eventually, he met Unoti and Lexi while out on a hunt. He liked them, and decided to travel with them. After many years of travel, Unoti disappeared. Taking this opportunity, Sirath vanished from Lexi's life and attempted to discover his Wood Elven heritage. He has managed to trace his family back to the Wood Elven country of Skythrow. He has been unable to find out much else, but hopes to one day find his answers.
Sirath Hashaco
Sirath Hashaco
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