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{Anima Clan Leader} Kyna Anima

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{Anima Clan Leader} Kyna Anima Empty {Anima Clan Leader} Kyna Anima

Post by Kyna Anima on Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:04 am

Kyna Anima(Adviser and Captain of the Guard)

Age:47 (23 in Centaur years)
Race: Centaur
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Height: 7'10"
Weight: 825lbs

Personality: She tends to be the more silent time should no one wish to talk to her directly, but should she get asked a question or someone wants to chat, she will talk to them openly. She is kind, strong, and level headed, as well as gentle and honourable. She is smart and generous, but will not let people take advantage of her easily.

Family: The only family she has is the Anima clan as her birth family was killed during a war that happened where she used to live.

Enemies: None currently

History: Born under the noble family of centaurs in the southern nation, leaving her alone when she was barely old enough to move and talk. She would travel, hiding from humans and various scary creatures till she came across a old tree, a Trent that was both wise, and kind. She was taken in by the Trent and was taught how to survive. When she was barely a adult, she was told by this great tree to leave. But instead of leaving, she made a home there and went and searched for other Fae that needed a home.

Upon her search, she came across her first ally, Cian Anima, a eight inch tall Flame Sprite. From there, they both slowly collected more and more, in result making a clan of Fae that is now known as the Anima Clan.

(Will work on her more as the story progresses, sorry for the crappy detail)
Kyna Anima
Kyna Anima
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